The mission of PCI is to produce quality, competitively priced sheet metal products, while providing timely delivery and exceptional customer service. PCI Production is centered on one word, workflow. Workflow, in general, is a method of creating and organizing a process designed to perform a function or set of functions in the most efficient way possible. At Procoaters, Inc. this refers to devising an objective process designed to help meet the goals of all our customer orders. When manufacturing a product for a customer, PCI’s workflow processes can cover some or all areas such as product design and engineering, meeting product specifications, and completing the manufacturing and product delivery on time. PCI helps ensure workflow success by taking information about the client and product(s) into account, producing a custom manufacturing workflow program made especially for your specific company and product. Other vital parts of PCI’s manufacturing workflow include MANAGING MATERIALS needed for the manufacturing process and QUALITY ASSURANCE, please be sure to read more about how we maintain success in these areas as well. Copyright 2010