The mission of PCI is to produce quality, competitively priced sheet metal products, while providing timely delivery and exceptional customer service. Bottom Line... Typical production scheduling is based on a model which “pushes” the demand of a receiving body. PCI Procoaters employs the use of Kanban, because as by contrast, it is part of an approach of receiving the "pull" from the demand. Therefore, PCI Procoaters supply and/or production are determined according to the actual demand of our customers. In contexts where supply time is lengthy and demand is difficult to forecast, the best one can do is to respond quickly to observed demand. This is exactly what a kanban system helps to manage: It is used as a demand signal that immediately propagates through the supply chain. This is used to ensure that intermediate stocks held in our supply chain are better managed, usually smaller. Where the supply response cannot be quick enough to meet actual demand fluctuations then stock building may be deemed as appropriate which can be achieved by issuing more kanban. The kanban system is one of the ways PCI Procoaters manages the cost of performance enabling us to provide our customers with the product they need when they need it while keeping prices down. Why PCI Uses Kanban & What it Means for You Copyright 2010